One hour game jam!

It's weekend and I had spare time. Better fill it with something productive, eh?

Made this in an hour. Actually I set my timer to 55 minutes, but I found a bug which I can spam the cards before they got initialized, so I added another 5 minutes.

Unity is fun and fast game prototype engine. The square was made on Unity using square sprite, the text was TextMeshPro, and DOTween for animation. I can achieve something like this in a fraction of minuets, but sadly it compiled 13 Mb for a tiny game like this. Sad.

TextMeshPro and DOTween? Isn't it too overkill? Well yeah maybe, haha, but I found them easy enough to implement something juicy. Not very juicy, but juicy enough... I guess.

See the code here:

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Sep 16, 2017

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