My second game in itch!

Until now my collections in are merely prototypes and hackish game. Well, I found as my platform to store my experiments and share them to whomever want to play them. Using my own hosting isn't too reliable. I have to maintain it and it also has small disk capacity. is a way to go.

Oh hey! It's another weekend jam. Actually it's my third #weekendjam. The second one wasn't uploaded because it didn't have any gameplay whatsoever. It was match-three wannabe game. Hm. Maybe I'll post it later.

For this entry I made it using SFML. But why? Because:

  1. I want to learn C++
  2. I want to make smaller executable game

Oh boy, C++ was strange language for me. The header files had some quirks and magical things to handle. I just knew about Class Forward Declaration. So it was like I can type some "wannabe" class on my header, but implement them on my header. I found out about this because humongous errors popped out and I don't know what happened, until I found out they are circular dependent and NOT ALLOWED in header declaration. Whew.

There are still ton of things I learned from this jam. From include guards, iterating and accessing vectors, using queue, AND POINTERS! But they are starting to be absorbed in my head. Wheee.

But why SFML? Well, at first I learned using SDL from Let's Make Games channel, an awesome youtube channel

After binge 16 videos and following Carl's tutorial, I decided to create my own games. Oh boy, I don't know why but I felt overwhelmed. I didn't understand how the code from Carl works, especially the ECS one (Entity Component System). I started to do it in primitive way, without the ECS system and throw all the code in one file, but I didn't find myself comfortable to start.

Then I remembered about this video 

I wondered how easy SFML was. Then after tried it out, googling around, found the community and forum is quite nice, finding the image loading and static linking was sheer, I decided to use it. Welp, it's just my personal choice really. I found myself to boot up the code was also because the experiences I got from learning using SDL.

Will I back using Unity? OF COURSE! This is only part of my learning C++ project.

Oh well, I guess I'll end my rant here. See you later!


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Sep 30, 2017

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